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An extensive selection of AC asynchronous motors tailored for various industrial applications.

We take pride in offering an extensive selection of AC asynchronous motors designed to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. Our comprehensive product portfolio spans Vertical and Horizontal motors, available in a power range from 300 HP to an impressive 9,000 HP. These motors are engineered for low, medium, and high voltage applications, with capabilities extending up to 11 KV, ensuring a fit for a wide array of operational requirements.

Wide offering of ultra-high performance asynchronous Vertical motors ranging from 300 HP to 3,500 HP in low, medium and high voltages.

Wide offering of ultra-high performance large size asynchronous Horizontal motors ranging from 600 HP to 9,000 HP in low, medium and high voltages up to 11 KV.

Features and Benefits:

Elevating Efficiency to New Heights

In our commitment to sustainability and superior performance, Amppera motors are available in Premium Efficiency models that adhere to the IE4 standard, with options to upgrade to the ultra-efficient IE5 standard upon request. This commitment to efficiency does not compromise the durability and quality Amppera is known for; all our motors are built for heavy-duty operation, characterized by very high reliability and outstanding quality. With Amppera, excellence is standard.

Compact Design for Maximum Versatility

Our motors are engineered to be as compact as possible without sacrificing power, offering a lower height and weight. This design ensures that Amppera motors can be integrated seamlessly into any existing infrastructure, overcoming room and weight limitations effortlessly.

Exceptional Load Handling

Capable of handling high thrust loads up to 30 tons, even our smaller size motors outperform the industry standard. This feature ensures that our motors can meet the most demanding applications, providing reliable performance where it matters most.

Advanced Thermal Management

With an optimized heat transfer design, Amppera motors are built for heavy-duty operation in high power and high-temperature environments. This thermal design guarantees that our motors maintain full power in even the most aggressive thermal conditions, ensuring durability and longevity.

Best-in-Class Non-Reverse Ratchet Design

Our industry-leading non-reverse ratchet design enables real unlimited pumping depth for deep well turbine pump applications. This innovation opens new possibilities for deep well applications, allowing for virtually any depth of pumping.

Tailored Engineering for Precise Needs

Fully Customizable

Tailor every aspect of our motors, from physical dimensions to operational specifications, to meet your project’s specific needs.

Flexibility in

We offer adaptable delivery schedules to ensure timely project completion without compromising quality.



Our motors are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, requiring unique performance characteristics.


Rapid Motor Restoration at a Private Electrical Plant

When a critical failure struck a 1,250 HP GE horizontal motor at a private electrical plant, Amppera’s field service team swiftly restored it within six days. The comprehensive repair—from disassembly, transport, to reinstallation and alignment—dramatically minimized downtime, showcasing our efficiency in delivering high-quality, rapid solutions that keep critical operations running smoothly.

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