At Amppera, we’re not just about manufacturing motors; we offer a full spectrum of services designed to ensure your motor systems operate at peak efficiency and reliability. From precision renovation to on-site field services and beyond, our comprehensive approach covers every aspect of motor management.

Renovation Services

Amppera’s in-house capabilities ensure top-quality restoration and enhancement of various motor types:


wide range of high-accuracy machining capabilities, milling, drilling and lathing machines for extra large size of motor parts


Comprehensive balancing from 100 KG to 40 tons, ensuring optimal motor performance.


Utilizing a complete set of measurement tools for comprehensive reverse engineering of all motor and rotating equipment components.

Winding and Lamination Plates Repair

Full in-house services for motors up to 60,000 HP, utilizing high-accuracy laser cutting for low, medium, and high voltage motors.

Pump Repair

Specialized repair services repair of all types and all sizes of pumps: vacuum pumps, centrifugal pumps, clean pumps, enhancing longevity and efficiency.

Blower Repair

Extensive repair capabilities repair of all types and sizes of blowers, including bearing replacement, alignment, dynamic balancing, tailored to meet specific operational standards.

Boiler Circulation 
Pump Repair

Expert repairs for electric power plant boiler pumps, from 400 V to 7,000 V, including mechanical and lamination repairs, winding, and full-load tests.

Large Rotor Exciter Repair

Specialized in rotor exciter repairs, our services include mechanical machining, lamination plates, winding, balancing, and full-load tests, complemented by full reverse engineering and coil manufacturing.

On-Site Field Services

For maximum convenience and minimal downtime, Amppera offers extensive on-site services:

On-the-Go Mechanical Labs


Vibration and thermal analyses to detect and address potential issues.


Comprehensive balancing from 100 KG to 40 tons, ensuring optimal motor performance.


High precision alignment with an accuracy down to 0.01 mm.

Preventive Maintenance & Repair

Amppera offers flexible maintenance & Repair services, which can take place in its workshop, or on-site, in accordance with the customer’s needs and requirements. The company manages short-term, and long-term complex projects in an efficient and satisfactory way.

On-the-Go Electrical Labs

we are dedicated to extending the life of your motors and enhancing their performance through meticulous care and advanced technological support. At our core, we prioritize the meticulous oversight of electrical systems to guarantee their optimal performance. We employ a robust suite of diagnostic tests—including PD tests, Tangence tests, and Surge tests—to thoroughly assess and uphold system integrity.


Enhance your motor operations with our high-quality accessories:

Shaft Grounding

A wide range of shaft grounding options for back and rear shafts from diameter 30 to 300 mm to prevent electrical damages.

Shaft Alignment Devices

selected offering of industry-leading alignment and balancing tools and technology.

Vibration Monitoring Systems

State-of-the-art systems selected offering of industry-leading vibration monitoring systems.

Rapid Motor Restoration at a Private Electrical Plant

When a critical failure struck a 1,250 HP GE horizontal motor at a private electrical plant, Amppera’s field service team swiftly restored it within six days. The comprehensive repair—from disassembly, transport, to reinstallation and alignment—dramatically minimized downtime, showcasing our efficiency in delivering high-quality, rapid solutions that keep critical operations running smoothly.

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