Boiler Circulation Pump Repair at a Coal-Fired Power Plant


The Challenge: A critical failure in the stator of a 460 V Ingersoll Rand wet pump, essential for boiler circulation at a coal-fired power plant, prompted an immediate need for expert repair. The main challenge with circulation pump repair is the very unique characteristics of the winding that allows water to flow through the pump and coils.

Our Solution: We performed detailed reverse engineering and improved the winding coil with a specialized rewinding technique developed at Amppera’s lab over the past years. Additionally, we manufactured new sleeve bearings to enhance the motor’s functionality.

Execution and Outcome: After repairing, rewinding and reassembling the motor and conducting dynamic balancing and full-load testing using a testing bench developed by Amppera  simulating wet operation conditions, we completed the repair in 90 days, markedly improving the motor’s reliability and efficiency.

Impact of Our Work: Our effective methodologies and quick turnaround were crucial in maintaining continuous operations at the plant, thereby ensuring operational integrity and performance continuity. The industry-record short time of execution and delivery was key to keep the plant operational continuity.