Comprehensive Repair of a Large Exciter Motor at a Coal-Fired Power Plant


The Challenge: A severe short circuit in the exciter rotor winding of a 1,500 HP, 455 V motor,  Size: 3,800 mm, length x 900 mm diameter, Weight: 6 tons, threatened significant downtime at a coal-fired power plant in Israel.

Our Solution: We undertook an extensive repair process, including reverse engineering the motor assembly and completely rewinding the motor with new windings and induction brazing.

Execution and Outcome: Our team redesigned and manufactured essential mechanical and insulating parts, manufactured the coils, rewinded the rotor, conducted rotor VPI treatment, and performed dynamic balancing. Completed in 120 days, the repair enhanced the motor’s reliability and efficiency, demonstrating our high technical expertise and commitment to quality.

Impact of Our Work: This project showcased our ability to handle complex repairs and support critical infrastructure, helping to minimize downtime and maintain essential operations at the power plant. The execution time of the project from initiation to delivery is an unmatched industry record.