Generator Repair for a Gas Refinery Plant


The Challenge: A generator at a gas refinery, crucial for operations and made by BBC Brown Boveri, suffered from short circuits and structural deformations. Voltage: 6,600 V, Power: 26.9 MVA , Speed: 1,500 RPM, Weight: 43.3 tons

Our Solution: We conducted comprehensive reverse engineering of the assembly, redesigned and manufactured the stator house, and rewound the stator, integrating cutting-edge lamination plates assembly. The size and electrical characteristics of the generator, made the entire process of redesign, manufacturing and assembly very challenging and was successfully completed using Amppera’s industry leading engineering and  manufacturing infrastructure.

Execution and Outcome: The project, including on-site assembly and testing, was completed in just 82 days, significantly reducing the typical timeframe for such extensive repairs and restoring full functionality to the generator.

Impact of Our Work: This repair not only extended the generator’s life but also demonstrated our proficiency in executing large-scale repairs, essential for the critical operations of the gas refinery.