Rapid Motor Restoration at a Private Electrical Plant

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Challenge: A private electrical plant faced critical downtime with a failing high voltage GE horizontal motor rated at 1,250 HP, which was crucial for pump drive operations. The plant required a comprehensive, turnkey maintenance solution to minimize downtime and restore functionality efficiently.

Solution: Amppera’s field service team responded swiftly with a precise and comprehensive plan to rehabilitate the motor. The process began with the careful disassembly of the motor using cranes, followed by secure transportation to Amppera’s state-of-the-art repair workshop.

Execution: At the facility, the motor underwent a thorough repair process that included bearing replacements, and extensive motor testing to ensure operational integrity. Post-repair, the motor was transported back to the site, where it was re-assembled, aligned, and tested on-site to guarantee flawless functionality.

Outcome: The entire project, from initial shutdown to operational handoff, was completed in just six days, encompassing all necessary approvals, managing subcontractors, and certifications. This rapid turnaround not only exemplified Amppera’s capability in managing comprehensive field services but also highlighted their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions under tight deadlines, ensuring the plant resumed operations with minimal disruption.

Impact: Through effective project management and technical expertise, Amppera not only swiftly resolved the plant’s immediate issue but also reinforced a lasting relationship as a trusted partner in industrial motor solutions, ready to tackle future challenges.