Special Projects

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Rapid Motor Restoration at a Private Electrical Plant

When a critical failure struck a 1,250 HP GE horizontal motor at a private electrical plant, Amppera’s field service team swiftly restored it within six days. The comprehensive repair—from disassembly, transport, to reinstallation and alignment—dramatically minimized downtime, showcasing our efficiency in delivering high-quality, rapid solutions that keep critical operations running smoothly.
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Comprehensive Repair of a Large Exciter Motor at a Coal-Fired Power Plant

Amppera successfully repaired a 1,500 HP exciter motor within 120 days, involving reverse engineering, complete rewinding, and dynamic balancing, after a severe short circuit threatened operations at an Israeli coal-fired power plant. This extensive repair enhanced the motor's operational reliability and efficiency, highlighting our expertise in tackling complex industrial challenges.

Boiler Circulation Pump Repair at a Coal-Fired Power Plant

Facing a short-circuited stator in a 460 V Ingersoll Rand motor, Amppera’s precise and timely intervention over 90 days included reverse engineering, innovative rewinding, and dynamic balancing, which significantly improved the motor’s reliability for crucial boiler circulation at a coal-fired power plant, ensuring continuous plant operations.

Generator Repair for a Gas Refinery Plant

Amppera expedited the repair of a critically damaged generator at a gas refinery, completing extensive structural and electrical overhauls in just 82 days. Our work included reverse engineering, stator house rebuilding, rewinding, and comprehensive field testing, effectively prolonging the generator’s lifespan and maintaining essential refinery operations.