at Amppera

Explore our technology offerings, where we draw upon the expertise of our professionals. We carefully select and integrate the latest advancements from leading manufacturers to enhance our services and products.

Motor Design Technology

Innovation at the Core

At Amppera, we continuously innovate to set new standards in motor efficiency, performance, and reliability. Our motor designs include:

High Efficiency & Reliability

Compact designs achieving premium efficiency and handling ultra-high thrust loads.

Advanced Cooling Design

Our unique system supports up to 30 tons of thrust load within compact motor bodies

Custom Ratchet System

Specifically designed for rigorous foraging applications and patent pending.

Innovative Motor Design

Unique Air-Air cooling system design allowing optimal temperature of bearings and coils enabling ultra-high thrust load
Compact design combining high performance with low weight 
and low height motors
Specially designed to sustain virtually any back pressure for deep well applications
Smart bearing system design to allow ultra high thrust load (up to 30 tons as standard) for heavy duty operation
Highest purity materials, best-in-class processes and high accuracy assemblies to reach IE4 as standard (IE5 available)

Manufacturing Technology

Innovation is at the heart of Amppera, from redefining motor designs to enhancing manufacturing processes, our manufacturing technologies ensure precision and quality:

Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting machines (2.5 x 1.25 m), ensure precision and efficiency in electrical steel processing, suited for diverse, high-quality industrial uses.

Induction Heating Device

Leverage our advanced induction device for efficient, precise brazing and welding of stators and rotors, featuring state-of-the-art control technology and industrial connectivity to enhance performance.

Balancing Machines

Amppera provides dynamic balancing services with exceptional accuracy for components from flexible rotors to machinery up to 40 tons, adhering to ISO-1940 standards.

Large Size VPI system

Our Large Size VPI systems (Ø3 x 3 meters) utilize advanced epoxy resin impregnation to enhance product quality, reliability, and operational efficiency for electrical components such as coils and motors.

Lathe Machines

Advanced lathe machines incorporate state-of-the-art technology, offering precision and versatility in machining, suitable for complex and high-precision manufacturing applications.

Vertical Milling/Drilling

Our vertical lathe (2 x 1.7 m), featuring cutting-edge technology, excels in precision and rigidity, enabling diverse machining functions such as turning, milling, and grinding.

High Voltage Winding

Our state-of-the-art High Voltage Winding array of Machines are engineered for exceptional precision and quality, capable of handling coils up to 3.5 meters.

Testing Equipment Technology

At Amppera, we continuously innovate to set new standards in motor efficiency, performance, and reliability. Our motor designs include:

XYZ Measurement Device

Ultra high precision portable FARO metrology device allowing complete reverse engineering of motors of any size in house and in the customer site.

15 KV Schleich Test Machine

State of the art Shleich surge tester to inspect coils, stators, armatures and all kinds of windings with uncompromising reliability and accuracy up to 15 KV.

24 KV Baker Test Machine

Comprehensive Baker programable motor analyzer to thoroughly assess the strength of insulation and circuit for motors, generators and coils up to 24 KV.

PD Test

Portable Partial Discharge acquisition device, which allows to detect and analyze partial discharge activities in all electrical assets: power cables, transformers, motors and more.

Tan Delta Measurement Devices

Fully automatic portable TAN delta measurement device with output frequency up to 500 Hz and output voltage up to 12 KV adapted for motor and rotating equipment measurement.

Full Load Test

Hydraulic full load test bench for full load motor testing up to 1,400 HP and 11 KV.

Core Test Equipment

Loop test equipment for stator damage evaluation using current of up to 2000 A and high definition thermographic camera for virtually any motor size.