Utilizing a complete set of measurement tools for comprehensive reverse engineering of all motor and rotating equipment components.

Large Rotor Exciter Repair

Specialized in rotor exciter repairs, our services include mechanical machining, lamination plates, winding, balancing, and full-load tests, complemented by full reverse engineering and coil manufacturing.

Boiler Circulation 
Pump Repair

Expert repairs for electric power plant boiler pumps, from 400 V to 7,000 V, including mechanical and lamination repairs, winding, and full-load tests.

Blower Repair

Extensive repair capabilities repair of all types and sizes of blowers, including bearing replacement, alignment, dynamic balancing, tailored to meet specific operational standards.

Pump Repair

Specialized repair services repair of all types and all sizes of pumps: vacuum pumps, centrifugal pumps, clean pumps, enhancing longevity and efficiency.


Comprehensive balancing from 100 KG to 40 tons, ensuring optimal motor performance.


wide range of high-accuracy machining capabilities, milling, drilling and lathing machines for extra large size of motor parts