Balancing Machines

Amppera provides dynamic balancing services with exceptional accuracy for components from flexible rotors to machinery up to 40 tons, adhering to ISO-1940 standards.

Induction Heating Device

Leverage our advanced induction device for efficient, precise brazing and welding of stators and rotors, featuring state-of-the-art control technology and industrial connectivity to enhance performance.

Large Size VPI system

Our Large Size VPI systems (Ø3 x 3 meters) utilize advanced epoxy resin impregnation to enhance product quality, reliability, and operational efficiency for electrical components such as coils and motors.

Lathe Machines

Advanced lathe machines incorporate state-of-the-art technology, offering precision and versatility in machining, suitable for complex and high-precision manufacturing applications.

Vertical Milling/Drilling

Our vertical lathe (2 x 1.7 m), featuring cutting-edge technology, excels in precision and rigidity, enabling diverse machining functions such as turning, milling, and grinding.

High Voltage Winding

Our state-of-the-art High Voltage Winding array of Machines are engineered for exceptional precision and quality, capable of handling coils up to 3.5 meters.

Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting machines (2.5 x 1.25 m), ensure precision and efficiency in electrical steel processing, suited for diverse, high-quality industrial uses.